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Product Engineer

Job Category:
Engineering / Technical Services
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Job Type:
Full Time/Permanent
Company Name:
New York

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What you can expect to work on in this role:

Product Engineers sit side-by-side with user experience and product management to craft the customer experience on all fronts.  The table stakes for being a part of this team is a love for building product you’re proud to share with your friends and family.  We strive for fluid, delightful user experiences.  You’ll need to leverage the latest Javascript libraries and frameworks to help us realize these goals, and you’ll be a part of a team trying to answer some difficult questions of scale, architecture and interaction.

Questions like:
  • How do we architect high-performance internal APIs using contemporary RESTful frameworks, that facilitate rapid development of lightweight experiences, tools and visualizations
  • What’s the best way to support deep experimentation within a constantly evolving experience without leaving a mess of if/else statements in our wake.
  • How to design and build out a robust, yet simple, authentication and authorization systems to further increase security and support exciting new product initiatives
  • What's the simplest way to build data intensive interactive elements that can be personalized and distributed broadly through a network of content partners
In order to be effective:
  • Have experience in at least one object oriented language - Java, C#, C++, Ruby, Python.  You know the list.
  • Have a strong command of fundamental algorithms and data structures
  • Have a passion for software engineering, and for creating what doesn’t exist
  • Know how to make the tradeoffs required to ship without compromising quality
  • Know that investing in developing solid tests pays for itself several times over
  • Appreciate agility and pragmatism in software development
  • Thrive in a startup environment
Tools in your belt:

Javascript, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Amazon Web Services,, Linux

Product Engineering spends most of its time with the tools above, but we cast a much wider net in other parts of the engineering team.  We strive to always choose the best tool for the job.  When building systems that connect to financial markets and institutions, the core toolset is probably Java-based.  In other areas, we use and are using Python and Ruby within the core, and you’ll be working alongside teams that live-and-breathe languages like R, Javascript, and Ruby, frameworks like Rails, Backbone and Spring MVC, and will help us define the idioms to decouple systems that communicate via a number of protocols.

At Betterment, you’re going to…

Build things people love. Our goal is to delight our customers whenever possible. Sleek design, simple user experience, and access to smart decisions help us to achieve it.

Solve “impossible” problems. Take your ideas to the next level right away. We experiment, iterate, learn, and repeat.

Collaborate, with purpose. You’ll work in small groups with other talented thinkers and figure out how to make Betterment’s revolutionary software even better.

Gain trust through transparency. We believe in taking the guesswork out of investing. That means a consistent experience for our customers — you’ll build the tools to make it possible.

Create efficiency. Our software helps customers save time and money. We maintain it through clean code, pragmatic programming, and lean engineering.

Work with people who care. Half of our team is made up of engineers but we believe everyone at Betterment is an engineer with their own tools. We’re a group of talented professionals who pride ourselves on what we do. We’re smart, innovative, energetic, and lots of fun.

Come join us!

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